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08 Jul 2018

Francisco Herrera Plenary Talk at WCCI 2018
Abstract: "Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems are a successful hybridization between Fuzzy Systems and Evolutionary Algorithms. They integrate both the management of imprecision/ uncertainty and inherent interpretability of Fuzzy Rule Based Systems, with the learning and adaptation capabilities of evolutionary optimization.
Data science, Big data and smart data applications are emerging during the last years, and researchers from many disciplines are aware of the high advantages related to the knowledge extraction from this type of problem. This talk will discuss the progression of Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems for different data science areas (complex classification problems, smart data, big data, ...). We will present a discussion on the most recent and difficult data science tasks to be addressed by evolutionary fuzzy systems, their usefulness for knowledge understanding, and which are the latest trends. Why and what for must we apply evolutionary fuzzy systems?