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28 Jun 2021

Carlos Coello Coello (CINVESTAV, Mexico), Abstract: In this talk, I will describe my origins as a researcher working in a field which is known as "evolutionary multi-objective optimization" (EMOO), 25 years ago. Than, I'll describe the inception of my research group at Cinvestav (in Mexico City, Mexico) in 2001, including some of the issues (good and bad) that researchers had to face at that time in Mexico. I will also mention some of the main differences between the way in which research on EMOO was conducted 25 years ago with respect to current research practices including, among other things, topics and methodological issues. In the last part of the talk, I'll briefly mention some of the pioneering contributions developed at my research group, but not without mentioning some of our biggest failures, too. The discussion will include some of the research topics in which I am currently interested. I'll finalize the talk with my personal (and a bit critical) view of the way in which research on EMOO is being conducted today, including some advice for young researchers working in this exciting field.