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26 Apr 2022

Recently adopting and successfully using Computational Intelligence capabilities has become a requirement for competitive business advantage. One of the biggest challenges in accomplishing this goal is helping the academics and the critical business decision-makers to recognize the value creation potential of Computational Intelligence and start exploring it. The webinar will assist them in achieving this objective by giving answers to the three key questions any business is asking and expecting answers to before deciding to allocate resources for Computational Intelligence:
Why the business needs Computational Intelligence?
Answering this question includes clarifying the critical competitive advantages of Computational Intelligence and its potential for value creation.
What types of business problems can be solved with Computational Intelligence?
The webinar will focus on the key types of Computational Intelligence applications with significant economic impact. The critical issue of selecting business problems appropriate for Computational Intelligence methods will be discussed and illustrated with examples.
What is needed to introduce Computational Intelligence into a business?
The focus will be on the requirements to introduce Computational Intelligence into a business. Some guidelines for evaluating the current and expected business needs with the potential of Computational Intelligence will be given based on real-world applications from different companies.